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February, 2012

  1. Crackled Effect Using Jo Sonja Crackle Medium

    February 20, 2012 by admin

    After hoarding this key holder for a few months, I decided to do some decoupage on it. The original background color is Plaid taffy and ice green light. After I have done all the shading on the decoupage piece, I felt like trying the Jo Sonja Crackle Medium again. (Check the previous entry on the wooden box)

    For those who are interested to try crackle effect, Jo Sonja has 2 different medium for crackle. The one that I used here is Crackle Medium. It’s a one step process which can be applied on top of the finished painting to get a fine crazing effect.

    The other medium for crackle needs a topcoat color.

    To make sure I can see the effect of the crackle, I rubbed some walnut stain into the cracks. However I think I used too much stain and it made the background color turned very dark (and look ugly) from the original color..huhu!

    I think next time I will use acrylic paint in contrasting color (like dark green) with retarder to rub into the cracks instead of using walnut stain. Lesson learned!

  2. Gubahan Hantaran Bunga Songket

    February 2, 2012 by admin

    This came out on 1st February 2012 in Harian Metro.

    Please click to view a bigger picture.

    For this demo, I used bunga dulang made from red songket to decorate the gubahan hantaran.

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