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May, 2010

  1. Agar-Agar Kering

    May 27, 2010 by admin

    When I wrote about hantaran agar-agar kering for my niece in 2008, many people commented and asked for the same type of agar-agar. Please be informed that the supplier is no longer making that rose agar-agar kering.

    However through blogging, I found another person based in Bukit Mertajam who makes agar-agar kering for wedding favors.


    These are some of the pictures of agar-agar kering she makes.


    If you are interested, please contact her directly at her blog – AdamShoppe.


    I’m thinking of ordering some for Hari Raya this year. I have not eaten such delicacy for ages. No one makes kuih muih lama during Hari Raya open house anymore.


    I am not sure whether she can make agar-agar kering in rose shapes. Will have to ask her one of these days. I’m sure if she can make it, it would be a great idea for gubahan hantaran.

  2. Bunga Dip For Hantaran

    May 14, 2010 by admin

    The picture is not doing any justice to the bunga dip sample I made a few days ago. I am trying to save the whole bottle of dip hitam I bought in January.

    Since I have tried red and black combination earlier, I thought this time I will do black, silver and white combination for this bunga dulang mini.


    For the rose, I tried making the petals curvy by pinching the wire before dipping into the dip solution. I think I prefer the simpler style I taught in class.

    For the glitter effect, I used silver glitter instead of the usual rainbow dust.

    Not really the best sample, but after a long time not experimenting with new creation, this should be a good start.

  3. Decoupage With Crackle On A Bottle

    May 11, 2010 by admin

    It has been more than 6 weeks since I last wrote about the crackle and decoupage project.


    The bottle which is originally a Tazo Tea with peach flavor has been mailed to the recipient before the dateline of the Gift Exchange. I hope she likes what I’ve done with it.

    I applied Jo Sonja Opal Dust on the peach and leaves motifs, I might have overdo it as you can see the big pearly, greenish dots on the motif in the picture above.

    As always the picture didn’t do any justice. I prefer viewing the real bottle.

    I have another bottle but with white background, thus the crackle effect is not really prominent. Still thinking whether I should repaint that bottle.

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