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Turquoise Bunga Songket

December 17, 2007 by admin

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

This is one of the latest bunga pahar songket I made using the turquoise songket. This time instead of the usual 2 flowers, I just made one big one at the top of the stalk and embellished the lower part of the stalk with ribbons.


It is quite simple but I like the elegance design of it. Not sure if there is any client out there who would be interested to place the order though considering the price, heh!

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  1. ayu says:

    very nice. berminat nak nk tanya quotation dl.kira camne yerk..
    plz let me know & i will follow up by email or contact my hp no at 012-3732418
    thanks a lot.

  2. eliza says:

    hai, sy pn berminat sgt ngn bunga songket ni..very creative..and I think ni 1st time I jmpa kat internet produk ni.. Blh hntr Quotation? Quotation tuk bunga songket yg ada 2 bunga sekali yer..tq 012-3273290

  3. admin says:

    I dah contact both of you via email regarding the price :)

  4. suzi says:

    bley tak u email i quotation tuk bunga songket nih.. i nak 100.. Thanks

  5. miza says:

    extremely berminat tuk order bunga songket nie..appreciate if u could e-mail me the quotation

  6. sha says:

    hai.. i minat sgt dgn bunga songket ni. boleh bg quotation tak? thanks

  7. admin says:

    suzi, miza n sha, I’ve emailed to you all. Thanks!

  8. Farah says:

    Can you please sms me the quotation for 50 of the BUnga Pahar songket at 0139793838 ASAP

  9. diana kasiran says:

    Hi, can you please quote for me the ‘songket’ bunga pahar? just for 50 pieces, ini untuk kenduri cukur jambul my son (insya-allah because due bulan sept nti). Your design is so different than others!

  10. raileen says:


    Cantik dan tradisional.

    Berapakah harga sekuntum dan berapakah pesanan minimum?

    Terima kasih.

  11. AL says:

    berminat laa nak order.. tapi nak tau price dulu, bleh tak akak send price kat email sayer..
    [email protected].. time kasehhh..

  12. ila says:

    hi.leh email quotation punga pahar songket x?TQ..interested nk order..yg lain2 dr pahar songket ada x?

  13. lea says:

    Hi, pahar songket its really nice. How much per piece? Send me the quotation please.

  14. nida says:

    hi..bole bagi quotation for 100 pieces.? 2 for ibu bunga pahar n the rest anaknyer…thanks :)

  15. hanim says:

    hi, blh bg quotation for 100 pieces?how much per piece? thank u

  16. Siti says:

    Hi, boleh bagi quo untuk 100 pieces taks? TQ..

  17. zLa says:

    Salam, boleh email quotation utk 50pcs? tqvm

  18. amal says:

    hi…can i hv quatation for 100 piece utk item ni..

  19. macy says:

    i interested nak order.. but nk tau price dulu,bleh akak send price kat email saye..
    [email protected].. thanx..

  20. wani says:

    nk quotation jgk….eheheh,plsss..

  21. UmmuZiyad says:

    Hi…i pun minat sangat, sangat, sangat :) Very creative, 1 pc berapa harganya? boleh bg quotation utk 50pcs? Thanks

  22. myrah says:

    please email me the quotation for 60 pcs please. thank you

  23. norhas says:

    cantik gila, minat sgt! boleh bg quotation utk qty 200 (bunga telur)? .. plssss..

  24. Elyna says:

    Hi, boleh emel quo for 100pcs?

  25. acha says:

    Saya nk tau harga untuk bunge songket nie.. n klu nk order minimum brape kuntum!!!
    cantik sangat2 :D

  26. Ms Wa says:


    Gorgeous! Could you kindly quote me d price pls. Can I request for other colours?

  27. nurul says:


    berapa harga untuk 1 unit and untuk 100units? ada warna lain x..pls post other images..nak tengok,.tq

  28. min says:

    boleh x bagi quotation for 200 pieces?
    thank u!

  29. kak Saab says:

    Salam, bole beritahu brapa harga nya klau di buat utk bunga pahar dlm 60pcs?

  30. sue says:

    Quotation pls for 50 pcs. TQ

  31. reen says:

    hi there,

    can quote for me bunga pahar songket for 100pcs. hope to hear from u soon. thanks

  32. Yatie says:

    Salam. Boleh bagi quotation for both the turquoise and the bunga songket for 50 pcs each?

  33. adila says:

    Hi, boleh send me the quotation x for this. Thanks

  34. yani says:

    Salam,saya berminat dgn bunga songket turqoise ni..boleh send quotation to me. Thanks

  35. fiera says:

    hye, sy berminat dengan bunga telur ni. boleh sy dapatkan quotation harga untuk 50 kuntum. thanks

  36. fz says:

    salam’ …boleh bagiquotation tak untuk harga 100pcs bunga telur kain songket ni?tq

  37. siti nurliza razali says:

    Cantiknya bunga telur songket tu.. saya berminat sangatla.. blh xtolong email sy untuk detail…??

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