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Bunga Songket

August 10, 2007 by admin

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

I have to Google to find a good explanation on what is songket. Songket is a type of hand-woven traditional Malay fabric with gold and silver threads and worn mainly during official functions and ceremonies. I am fortunate to know someone whose family business is songket weaving.

She decided to go further and make use of the songket the business has and innovate it to something that more practical and widely used in Malay wedding business. We came out with this idea of bunga pahar using songket fabric crafted into the flower petals.

If you read my previous entry, in Malay wedding, bunga pahar are given to guests as souvenirs. So there are actually many designs of bunga pahar flower, some made from nylon, dip solution, beads, ribbons, organza and satin, just as much one’s creativity can stretch to.


So here is the songket bunga pahar recently made. Apart from this I also created corsages and bigger stalk of flowers to decorate hantaran using songket. Some of the samples were published in Vol.3 – Ratu Sehari – bridal magazine sold in Malaysia. Of course it doesn’t go under my brand since my friend is the one who pay for the advertisement..haha!

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  1. Liza says:

    Very creative!!! Looking forward for more new creative ideas from you.

  2. Yinhasni says:

    Bunga dari songket ni yg paling sy suka tgk…satu inovatif baru….
    Keep it up your good work…

  3. yati says:

    very nice..if i nak order around 100pcs, brapa ek?

  4. Mumtaz Ahmad says:

    WOW…cantiknyer…so impressive… sekuntum braper yer? around 100 pieces

  5. LINDA says:

    call me please 012-6786085

  6. ezadora says:

    How much it takes for 100 pcs?

  7. admin says:

    ezadora, saya dah emailkan harga. :)

  8. zura says:

    hai… brapa erk harga untk 200pcs….
    klu nak colour gold ade ke…

  9. chombiee says:

    cantiknyerrr…boleh saya tahu berapa $$…kalau bole saya nak order 300 pcs

  10. enah says:

    Boleh saya bertanya berapa satu bantang buga itu?

  11. irni says:

    hi, do u have other color as well? bole bgtau harga for 100-200 pieces tak??thanks

  12. sna says:

    hi, tolong emelkan harga for 100 pcs. tq!

  13. Juliana says:

    hi, bole bgtau harga untuk 100-200pcs tak? tq~ menawan!

  14. Norhayati says:

    Berapa harga untuk 20 batang?
    organza jugak rasanya cantik. ader gambar x?
    klu boleh saya nak tau harganya.
    untuk masa terdekat ni boeh x?
    boleh x saya tahu lokasi kedai/rumah?

  15. farah amani says:

    Look very well defined.. please quot me the price and size. Got any other colour?

  16. Lina says:

    nak tanya kalau utk 100-200 pcs berapa?

  17. sherry says: suka dgn hasil bunga telur ne…
    sy nak tahu harga utk 3oopcs utk wedding sy…
    pls ya..

  18. durra says:

    hi..i’m interested in ur handwork and i’m pleased to be notified the price of bunga pahar..(dip,organza and songket).thanks

  19. Laila says:

    Excellent, I am so glad I found this on the website. I have been searching for songket flowers to be made into corsages for the past 2 months!! Appreciate if you could quote me the price for 30 corsages (beige colour, if you have available). I need it urgently as the wedding is mid March. Please call me at 019 355 9542. Thanks

  20. Hasnah Ariffin says:

    It’s very unique. Pls let me know the price for pcs. Thanks

  21. Salmah Sanusi says:

    Can you please send a quote for 300pcs.

  22. mimi says:

    hi.. cantik lah bunga songket ni.. really nice.. berapa harga untuk 50pcs? mail to me,k. tq

  23. mohd says:

    it’s creative n lovely. i want to see other sample as well n the price per pcs. thanks

  24. Mazni says:

    Hie..Creative n gorgeous!!!..Appreciate if u could quote me the price for 100 pcs. Thanks

  25. myrah says:

    please email me quotation for 60 pcs.. thank you.

  26. nurul says:

    waw..this is so nice..bape harga nya yar? 100pcs?

  27. nurul says:

    hi, pls email to me the price for 200 price pls..tq

  28. aween says:


    email me quote for 100pcs.thanks~

  29. fara says:

    hi email 1 untuk 800 pcs

  30. Siti says:

    Boleh Tanya harga satu kuntum berapa ? Boleh mail to singapore?

  31. afiqah says:

    Hi…sgt3 menarik…boley order lg x? and brape harge tuk 100 kuntum?

  32. admin says:

    order utk bunga pahar utk tahun ni semua dibekukan :)

  33. Yuni Ahmad says:

    Hi As salam.

    Quote me price for 100pcs. Thank you.

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