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August, 2007

  1. Bunga Songket

    August 10, 2007 by admin

    I have to Google to find a good explanation on what is songket. Songket is a type of hand-woven traditional Malay fabric with gold and silver threads and worn mainly during official functions and ceremonies. I am fortunate to know someone whose family business is songket weaving.

    She decided to go further and make use of the songket the business has and innovate it to something that more practical and widely used in Malay wedding business. We came out with this idea of bunga pahar using songket fabric crafted into the flower petals.

    If you read my previous entry, in Malay wedding, bunga pahar are given to guests as souvenirs. So there are actually many designs of bunga pahar flower, some made from nylon, dip solution, beads, ribbons, organza and satin, just as much one’s creativity can stretch to.


    So here is the songket bunga pahar recently made. Apart from this I also created corsages and bigger stalk of flowers to decorate hantaran using songket. Some of the samples were published in Vol.3 – Ratu Sehari – bridal magazine sold in Malaysia. Of course it doesn’t go under my brand since my friend is the one who pay for the advertisement..haha!

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